adding new chapters

take yourself where you want to go

Accepted where you are, and the responsibility that you are going to take yourself where you want to go? Then I’m here to partner with you on Coach No. 9 as you add new chapters to your professional life.

My office is located in the heart of Stockholm and on Zoom and Teams.


m: +46 (0)703-862 032

about coach no. 9

The English words coaching and coach, originated from the name of the city of Kocs in Hungary, where four-wheeled coaches were first designed. In the eighteenth century, the university nobles of England went to their classes conducted in their carriages by coachmen called Coachers. By 1830, the term Coach was used at Oxford University as synonymous with ‘private tutor’, the one who ‘carries’, ‘leads’, and ‘prepares’ students for their examinations.
Additionally, the wagon or carriage, i.e. Coach No. 9, joins the coachee and the coach together on the coachee’s journey from a current place to a new destination. Their cooperation during the journey will be decisive in finally arriving at the destination.

Coach No. 9 is a privately held company that specialises in executive coaching and in coaching of high potentials. It is registered as a company name as well as for VAT in Sweden.