backed by ICC and EMCC

international coaching community

I am an internationally certified Coach by the ICC, credential ID 15588. I undertake that I have the necessary qualifications, ability and expertise to provide executive coaching and that I perform my services in a professional manner and, in particular: to professional standards of the ICC; in accordance with the ICC’s Code of Ethics, Diversity Policy and Guidelines for Supervision; and complying with the ICC’s Complaints and Disciplinary Process.

european mentoring and coaching council

I have attended the education for becoming an internationally certified Coach at level 1 for Unestål Education, which cooperates with the ICC. This education is quality assured at level 1 by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, EMCC, as shown by the quality award below. The EMCC is an independent, impartial and non-profit organization that puts high demands on the quality of education in coaching and mentoring and when certifying coaches and mentors. It sets the standard and norms for the profession according to the principle of best practice.