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Hi there! I’m Patrik. I coach executives, leaders and high-performers on their most difficult challenges to achieve their most important goals in their professional lives. Executive coaching is aimed at leaders who are already performing at high level, but who need to become even more skilled in their role as leader. To improve a leader’s performance, I use a science-based model derived from modern neuroscience that, for example, lays the basis for remaining at your most resourceful and constructive, even under stress and high demands. I bring deep psychological expertise to my coaching along with an extensive understanding of business and organisational life. Warmth, commitment and authenticity are combined with a proactive and practical approach. I work with clients in both Swedish and English, in Sweden and abroad, and maintain confidentiality in all coaching sessions.

Born in the early 70’s, I’m an executive coach, business economist, behavioural scientist, communications specialist, chartered psychodynamic therapist and family counselor with eight years of clinical experience. Worth noting is that the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre is taking a psychodynamic approach to executive education. Previously, I was strategy director with one of the largest publicly listed Swedish companies and a member of its extended group management team. My work involved many hours working directly with the Board of Directors. Prior to this, I held various business development positions in the consumer goods industry, having served as a member of a Nordic management team and lead several corporate change programmes. Having started out in strategy consulting for six years, my work-life experiences cover just over two decades in more than a dozen industries. I work for Amazing Leaders and AS3 in Sweden, and for Kyan Health internationally.

Patrik Andersson
Executive Coach & Founder
Credential ID: EC 248

Sammanfattningsvis kan jag säga att jag gratulerar alla de ledare och chefer som från och med nu kommer att kunna dra nytta av din framtida verksamhet som Executive Coach.
Lars-Eric Uneståhl

Lars-Eric is one of the world’s most prominent Coaches, ever. He was elected in 2010 among top 50 most influential people in Sweden during last 50 yrs.

Strategy DirectorExecutive CoachingCert. Exec Coach
Operations DevelopmTransition CoachingCertified Coach
Corporate DevelopmCoachingChartered Therapist
Strategy ConsultantIndividual TherapyBehavioural Scientist
Communic Strategist Family CounselingCommunic Scientist
Business Economist

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