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Hi there! I’m Patrik. I coach executives and high-achievers on their most difficult challenges to achieve their most important goals in their professional lives. The foundation of my coaching is based on a model for leadership development derived from modern neuroscience. It was developed by one of the most well-renowned senior executive coaches globally, with a doctorate from Oxford University, based in London. I’m the only executive coach with the training, supervision and experience of using this model in my executive coaching in Sweden today.

Born in the early 70’s, I’m a business economist, behavioural scientist, communications specialist, chartered psychodynamic therapist and family therapist with seven years of clinical experience. Auspiciously, the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre is taking a psychodynamic approach to executive education. Currently, I’m on the path of becoming an internationally certified executive coach. Previously, I was strategy director with one of the largest publicly listed Swedish companies and a member of its extended group management team. My work involved many hours working directly with the Board of Directors. Before then, I held various business development positions in the consumer goods industry, having worked on several corporate change programmes. Having started out in strategy consulting, my work-life experiences cover just over two decades in more than a dozen different industries.

My own experience of self-actualisation and fullfilment has come with both a high personal price and great joy in life. I’ve taken roads less travelled and broken new ground, tirelessly challenging my personal and professional development.

Welcome to Coach No. 9 to discover or rediscover your ability to thrive!

Patrik Andersson

Strategy DirectorExecutive CoachingExecutive Coach
Operations DevelopmFamily TherapyCertified Coach
Corporate DevelopmIndividual TherapyChartered Therapist
Strategy ConsultantBehavioural Scientist
Commun Strategist Commun Specialist
Business Economist

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