for your and your organization’s benefit

improving performance

This coaching is designed to improve leaders’ on-the-job performance by addressing those factors that are limiting their success for the benefit of their organization as well as themselves. To improve performance, I use a science-based model derived from modern neuroscience. It lays the basis for remaining at your most resourceful and constructive, even under stress and high demands.

a trusted ‘thought partner’

CEOs and those near the top of their organizations, who may have few peers in whom to confide, may be seeking an external, confidential ‘thought partner’ to create an environment of psychological safety where they feel safe to openly share and critically explore their thinking in confidence. This is an excellent opportunity to develop the brain’s System 2 capability, which is critical to important decision-making.

beyond training and assessment

Coaching executives that have taken part in leadership programmes to address those factors that were identified as hindering their professional development and, hence, their advancement and to further build on their strengths. Applies equally to leaders in organizations that use executive assessment, annual performance and appraisal reviews, and assessment of 360 feedback processes.

getting your successors ready

Coaching to develop leaders who have been identified as key to the organization’s future or are part of the organization’s succession plan, but need to become more self-aware, improve their leadership style or develop their management skills. For family-owned businesses, in their succession planning, my experiences and insights as a seasoned family counselor may be of particular value.

accelerating performance

Coaching leaders to accelerate their effectiveness on a new position or on a particularly critical area or project. The coaching programme is designed to help leaders navigate their transitions as rapidly and effectively as possible and to accelerate their performance in the new context.

staying the course

Coaching leaders who struggle with anxiety, overload and stress of various kinds at work to help them learn to cope more effectively. Burnout is a gradual process. You don’t always notice it when it happens. If you ignore the signs and symtoms of burnout, you will eventually burnout.

acing up

A real challenge of growth comes when you get knocked down in life. Often by unexpected and difficult life events. A highly constructive way to deal with and push through setbacks is to face them head-on. It takes courage to act, part of being hungry when you’ve been defeated. This service offering is the only service that I offer as a short-term therapy and certain conditions need to be met. For example, being your psychodynamic therapist I cannot become your executive coach. As a qualified and experienced therapist, I will help you to rebounce and ensure that your setback stays temporary in order for you to ace up again.

next level

Are you curious to find out how executive coaching, derived from modern neuroscience, can bring about the desired development that you seek in your leaders’ performance? And would you like your management team to be inspired by this? Or simply kick-off your team with new and fresh insights on this topic?

next step

Please, reach out and I will contact you to learn more about your needs or your organization’s needs for executive coaching.