clients’ testimonials

Working with Patrik deepened my self-knowledge and improved my awareness of how others perceived me as a leader. With my newfound insights, I consciously changed my less skillful leadership behaviours, and having Patrik as my executive coach contributed significantly to my career advancement. By his way of being, he quickly made me open up to him. I clearly felt his genuine interest in me as a person and in my professional journey. If anything, I wish I would have done this a long time ago! I feel great confidence in Patrik.
– Director (male), global mobile communications company

Fantastic Executive Coach, really positive first time experience – thank you!
– Group Legal Counsel (female), global pharmaceuticals company

Patrik made me realize that I needed to acknowledge myself as a skillful leader. Prior to working with Patrik, I had found it very difficult to see and embrace my capability as a leader. Instead, I had “excused” myself for my successes, gotten stuck in denying my ability, and therefore attributing my success to external circumstances and the contributions and influences of other people. Patrik made me see myself as the true leader I am, and for that, I am eternally grateful to him!
– Director (male), international news corporation

My sessions with Patrik were extremely useful. I started these sessions at a moment when I was going through a really rough period, something like an emotional roller coaster, caused by problems in my personal life. Patrik guided me toward looking into the causes of these issues, and finding practical solutions that work for me. It doesn’t even feel enough to say thank you. At the end of each session, I felt like I could breath better.
– Director (female), one of Europe’s largest Stock Exchanges

Patrik was incredibly helpful in my sessions. He provided clear direction when I felt lost, helped me organize my thoughts, and assisted me in understanding what I truly wanted and didn’t want. Before our sessions, I struggled to find my way, but with his guidance, I found clarity and purpose.
– Country manager (female), multinational conglomerate within electronics

Today was my last session with Patrik. I enjoyed every session with Patrik, he helped me to change my life and I’m a completely different person now than I was for the better – I am hugely thankful for my sessions with Patrik.
– Senior manager (male), global clothing company